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Financial Aid

IN AN EFFORT TO GET AMERICA’S recently unemployed workers back to work, the Obama administration has implemented several initiatives to encourage them to learn new job skills through postsecondary education. These initiatives are likely to affect higher education institutions and provide additional opportunities to educate workers who have been negatively impacted by the economic downturn.


THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is pushing bold changes for the nation’s financial system, and Congress has laid the groundwork to accomplish them. While it seems certain that Congress will change student aid dramatically this year, it is less certain what these changes will be.


BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN new veteran education benefits will be available next year. The challenge is getting veterans to take advantage of all the benefits available to them.


IN THE WAKE OF LAST YEAR'S investigations into loan provider and financial aid office relationships, some campuses hesitate to recommend any lender for fear that they'll be perceived as steering business to certain lenders.


THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF Education has been working overtime to implement a complicated new grant program that provides up to $4,000 a year for aspiring teachers.

THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS made by many student loan companies that they would be tightening lending practices and increasing loan rates and fees highlights the importance of student financial aid counseling and the need for more need-based student aid funding.

FINANCIAL AID OFFICES strive to provide excellent customer service to students and parents, but federal regulations, state mandates, and institutional guidelines can limit the services they are able to provide.