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Campus Construction

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Prescription for higher ed prosperity

December, 2015
Former university president Richard A. Skinner is a senior consultant with Harris Search Associates.

Much of what we read today about higher education tends to dwell on constraints and reductions, but at least one sector of academe is actually growing.

New medical schools are in various states of planning, development and accreditation, while existing schools are expanding class sizes, portending perhaps the greatest increase in this sector since World War II.

Science building at Clayton State University triples lab space

December, 2015
 Incorporating traditional campus architecture with modern features, the new Science Building at Clayton State University has glass windows that look out over a campus pond and the future spot of the biology greenhouse. (Photo: Alain Jaramillo)

Nearly a decade in the making, the new science building at Clayton State University in Georgia adds a much-needed 58,610 square feet of learning facilities to campus.

The building nearly triples the school’s lab space, creating more efficient facilities to accommodate increasing enrollment.

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Automate Innovation Series: Automate Sustainability

April, 2013

Automating aspects of technology management can aid colleges and universities in multiple ways, from increased student and professor satisfaction to reduced energy usage and costs. In addition to these benefits, with its resource management software, Texas A&M University has achieved a reduced IT staff size and more effective troubleshooting.