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After putting off past maintenance projects when the economy stalled, leaders at many institutions are finding it difficult to fit them back into the budget.

Outside the circle of higher ed facilities managers, it’s the shiny new campus buildings that get all the glory. Yet what facilities insiders know all too well is that existing buildings are in dire need of attention.

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Science and Engineering Hall at The George Washington University is the largest academic building dedicated to these fields in the nation’s capital.
Lauren Williams
50,000-square-foot facility provides eight floors of laboratory space for academics and research
David Kadamus
Is monetizing an asset right for you?
Mark B. Rosenberg is president of Florida International University
Mark Rosenberg
Public universities and private industry create win-win programs
In her keynote speech, Worcester Polytechnic Institute President Laurie Leshin said educators must drive innovation—and the economy—by inspiring students to ask tough questions.
University Business Staff
Highlights from UB’s annual higher ed technology and leadership conference

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DeeAnn Wenger
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Important lessons learned in the quest for energy efficient education
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