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Pay on the way

A University of Buffalo student uses vending app to buy a drink from the machine.

Students may forget their campus cards in their rooms or figure they don’t need their wallet for a short walk around the quad. But the one thing they are likely never to be without is a phone.

In the consumer space, customers want to use their phones for many purposes, most certainly including retail transactions. To meet those expectations on campus, administrators at some colleges and universities have implemented mobile payment systems at dining halls, retail food outlets, bookstores, laundry rooms, parking lots and vending machines. At some institutions, parents and students can even make tuition payments from mobile devices.

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American higher ed doubles down on polytechnic renaissance

October, 2015

Several years ago we shared with University Business readership our prognostications on contemporary Polytechnic institutions popping up across the U.S. In relatively short time, higher ed is still surfing the Polytechnic Revival wave at engineering schools, colleges, and universities across the Nation.

Digital badges hit the big time in higher ed

October, 2015
Professional and continuing education students at Oregon State University can earn a digital badge for completing a course, workshop or certificate program.

More colleges and universities now offer digital badges as a form of micro-credential or “subdegree” to students who pass individual courses or certifications, and want to show potential employers what they’ve learned. The programs target professionals needing a skills boosts and hobbyists.

Don’t judge a college bookstore by its cover

October, 2015
Brian E. Cartier is CEO of the National Association of College Stores, based in Oberlin, Ohio.

With student debt in the trillions and other economic concerns looming over families, college stores often bear the brunt of public anger over course material costs. But stores are working harder than ever to provide students with affordable options that will help them learn, succeed and get that coveted degree.

Reclaiming the higher calling of higher education

October, 2015
produced when colleges engage students, faculty and staff in the notion of vocational callings.

In the eyes of many, higher education has become an industry focused on a singular goal—career training—and college students these days forgo the big questions about who they are and how they can change the world. But sociology professor Tim Clydesdale says higher education can retain its deeper cultural role.

Higher ed's password protectors

October, 2015

Picture this: sticky notes on every screen. And if there are none on the monitor, lift up the keyboard. Nothing there? Try opening the pencil drawer.

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Trends shaping the shift to getting the most value out of IT resources

October, 2015
Nicole Nesrsta

The notion of doing more with less—less budget, less time, fewer resources—has been the mantra in many IT departments for some time. But the institution leaders gathering at this year’s EDUCAUSE Annual Conference are now more concerned with: “How can I do something different to get more value with the resources I have?”

How the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is living a culture of Sustainability

October, 2015

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has been recognized as the thirdgreenest college in America — and the greenest college in Wisconsin — by the Sierra Club, the largest grassroots environmental organization in the country. The Sierra Club noted the university’s success in water and energy conservation, wind-powered electricity and recycling.

Nelnet Tuition Payment Plans improve student experience at four University of Colorado campuses

October, 2015
Nelnet Tuition Payment Plans improve student experience at four University of Colorado campuses

In an effort to best serve a population of over 60,000 students on four campuses, business office leaders across the University of Colorado system (CU) recently decided to evaluate their options to determine if a more efficient payment plan solution existed

The Millennial Mindset: How Colleges Can Accelerate the Career Prep Process

September, 2015

Barnes & Noble College and Why Millennials Matter recently partnered for a study that explored topics such as internships, career choice and influencers, the job search process, career expectations, and perceptions about what skills and experiences are desired by companies today.