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5 Ways to Create a Productive Paperless Environment

The benefits of digital document management and transitioning to a paperless environment

Document management holds tremendous potential for improving information security and recordkeeping compliance, streamlining processes, and enabling colleges and universities to do more with less. Meanwhile, paper-heavy environments can lead to wasted time, reduced productivity and employee frustration.

An App for Admissions

Admissions counselors are busy folks with some pretty important decisions to make, so it’s no wonder colleges and universities are looking for ways to make their lives a little more efficient. At the University of New Haven (Conn.), this help is coming in the form of iPads and an app called Matchbox, which allows counselors to review application materials on the go.

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Pennsylvania Selects Parchment for Statewide E-Transcript Initiative

Federal Grant Awarded to Commonwealth to Facilitate Digital Record Exchange between Schools, Improve Access to Services and Postsecondary Education

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PSU Improves Department Operations with OrgSync

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) at Portland State University (PSU) has adopted OrgSync to improve department operations and streamline many day-to-day department responsibilities, enabling them to channel resources to student development.

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Business Imaging Systems Releases Formsoft E-form Solution

Business Imaging Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-wide information management solutions, today unveiled Formsoft™ – an e-form software solution that "takes the office anywhere" with its ability to process forms in the field.

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Ristech Launches Brand-New book2net Cobra Digital Book Scanner for Libraries and Archives

Designed for libraries and archives, the new Book2net Cobra digital book scanner offers perfect book positioning in a “V” shaped cradle.

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Digital Treasures

Monetizing digital assets translates to revenue potential, but an institution’s leaders must weigh the challenges and risks of charging for access to captured audio, video, and images.

Alternative revenue streams are increasingly attractive to higher education leaders struggling to live in the new budgetary normal triggered by the recession. Monetizing assets such as audio, video, and images an institution already has or is continually generating through digital asset management (DAM) can be tantalizing to those managing a school’s coffers. But in the academic environment, can officials look beyond the perception that for-profit endeavors cheapen a school’s reputation? 

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