Va. Senate OKs Bill To Let College Clubs Discriminate

Supporters say it would preserve the constitutional right of free association on college campuses.

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Va. Panel OKs In-State Tuition For Undocumented Students

Last year, Del. Alfonso Lopez, D-Arlington, tried to convince the General Assembly to allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition.

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Why Smart Poor Students Don't Apply to Selective Colleges (And How to Fix It)

Our brightest low-income high schoolers are overwhelmingly unlikely to apply to our best colleges, and it's bad news for economic growth and for income equality

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How California's Budget Crisis Colors Minorities' College Hopes

Stakes are high for blacks and Latinos, who graduate at lower rates and take on more debt than their white and Asian-American peers.

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N.J. College Students To Rally For Lower Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

A coalition of college students and immigration activists will kick off a campaign calling for "tuition equality" for illegal immigrants at New Jersey colleges.

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Student, Faculty Dissent A New Challenge For Dixie, Community

Opening the campus to greater diversity — a necessary step for becoming a university — has spurred conflict and tension

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