Community Colleges

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Lawson State Community College Helping Freshmen Navigate Their First Year

Navigating campus, figuring out the computer system, even learning to work in groups -- all that can be hard for newbies. Even more so if they're the first in their family to go to college or come from a disadvantaged background.

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Michigan Community Colleges See Enrollment Dip After Years Of Growth

For the past decade, enrollment at Michigan's community colleges have been on a steep, upward trajectory.

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Ivy Tech Brings Classroom Into The Workplace

In response to demands by Indiana employers for better-skilled and more flexible workers, Ivy Tech Community College will vastly expand its workplace training programs at companies across the state.

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Delgado Community College Celebrates 90 Years

In addition to starting the fall semester, Delgado Community College is launching a yearlong celebration of its 90th birthday.

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Calhoun Vs. Drake: Is Huntsville Big Enough For Both 2-Year Colleges?

Is Huntsville big enough for two prospering two-year colleges with broad ambitions for the future? Or are there loser-leaves-town stakes in play for Decatur-based Calhoun Community College and Drake State Technical College?

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Tech house calls diagnose inefficiencies.

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All Things Transfer

How institutions are evolving to meet the needs of a growing market

Transfer used to be what happened when students realized too late that they picked a college or university that wasn't right for them. It wasn't until recently that the valuable market of transfer students has started being studied and really tapped into.

"For a while, transfers were kind of looked at as extra," says Bonita C. Jacobs, executive director of The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students at the University of North Texas. Admissions offices began realizing they'd be left behind if they didn't start recruiting transfers.

Making an International Community

International students and study abroad help globalize community college campuses

Preparing students to work in a global economy is no small feat, but it is a skill employers are requesting. According to "Raising the Bar," a 2009 survey released by the American Association of Colleges and Universities, 67 percent of employers believe colleges should place an emphasis on providing students "the ability to understand the global context of situations and decisions," and 57 percent want students to have a better understanding of cultural diversity.

Community College/Four-Year Partnerships

A proposal about the intersection of today's and tomorrow's student marketplace

Do you believe that some of the best and brightest of the next greatest generation of college students will begin their higher ed experiences at a community college? Well, we do. That is why we reallocated over $7 million of scholarship funds and operating support at Bucknell University (Pa.) for a period of six academic years to facilitate the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program.

Portland Community College's Downtown Center

Linking administrators, bringing in the public

The renovation of an historic building in downtown Portland, formerly owned by the University of Oregon, has brought Portland Community College (Ore.) administrators together.