Community Colleges

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MT University Officials Aim To "Rebrand" Community Colleges

The Montana University System has been working to expand 2 year education in the state. So after years of work, the College!NOW initiative is reaching a significant milestone.

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Inquiry Targets 2 Contractors On L.A. Community Colleges Project

The D.A.'s probe centers on Los Angeles Community College District allegations that the firms submitted fraudulent billings for Mission College work, part of a $5.7-billion construction program.

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U of Minnesota Plans To Accept Fewer Transfer Students

The University of Minnesota plans to accept fewer transfer students in coming years — a move that officials at two-year colleges say contradicts the state’s commitment to improve access to four-year degrees.

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State Update: California

Veterans returning to civilian life will find it easier to get education and employment with a new “memorandum of understanding” between California Community Colleges (CCC) and the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet).

Want Ads Show What's in Demand

It’s a simple idea for community colleges that sounds almost archaic: Check the help wanted ads and shape programs around available jobs. In practice, the idea involves new, sophisticated “spidering” and artificial intelligence technologies that can aggregate and analyze online job ads, providing a comprehensive source of information. A Jobs for the Future report published this fall explores the options and how the analysis is being done by a handful of colleges and states.

Transfer Talk

The regional demand for quality nursing professionals was the impetus behind a new partnership between Blinn College (Texas) and the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing. Blinn’s associate’s degree in nursing program is undergoing a curriculum revision to clarify mutually accepted courses, which will allow a smoother transition to the TAMHSC baccalaureate program.

Restoring Dreams for Immigrant Students

Many people probably only think about Napa when they’re thinking about wine. And while the Napa Valley of California does have world-class grapes, it’s also home to a huge population of Mexican immigrant laborers responsible for this wine behind the scenes—and their undocumented children looking for an education.

“Many of [these students] have been here the greater period of their life,” says Oscar de Haro, vice president for student services at Napa Valley College. “They reflect the values of Napa, the workforce of Napa.”

Shifting Gateways

Warren Nichols, former president of Volunteer State Community College (Tenn.), began a new role as Tennessee Board of Regents’ Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges October 1. He is overseeing a unified system created for the 13 community colleges across Tennessee. The consolidated system will allow for more effective and

Wrangling Remedial Ed

Community colleges have long been seen as a good place for students to brush up on their skills before tackling college-level course work. The state legislatures in Ohio and Tennessee have recently decided to have public four-year institutions get out of the developmental ed game as much as possible, and leave those classes to the experts.

Reality and Wisdom: The Challenge of College Completion

How high expectations, accountability demands, and support can help students succeed

One of the more dubious notions to attach itself to higher education is the brash “right to fail.” While the intent to demand maturity and accountability from college students is understandable, the reality, and certainly the wisdom of such an axiom, is another story.

First, the reality: Prior to World War II, the likelihood of attending college was reserved for the children of wealthy or near-wealthy families. These students were expected to succeed, whether they did or not.