Community Colleges

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Mass. Community Colleges Glad For New Interest

But some doubt governor’s plan

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Transfer Talk

Genesee Community College, located in upstate New York, and LIM College in Manhattan, have inked a new articulation agreement that allows GCC Fashion Business program students who have completed the outlined requirements to enter the program of their choice as juniors at LIM, which offers majors in Fashion Merchandising, Management, Marketing, and Visual Merchandising. ...

Shifting Gateways

Ross Gittell will utilize his background in university teaching, strategic planning, and management as the new chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire, effective February 1. He succeeds J. Bonnie Newman, interim chancellor since August 2011. Gittell was previously a professor at the University of New Hampshire’s school of business and economics and is considered a foremost authority in the state for economic analysis and forecasting.

Tracking Community College Trends

By the Numbers

Because community colleges serve such a diverse population and face unique challenges separate from their four-year peers, it’s important to monitor and analyze trends specific to these institutions. A recent policy brief from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) does just that, giving a 20-year overview of trends in educational attainment.

Needed: Urgency, Innovation, Collaboration

Why community colleges must lead the way in reshaping higher education in America

In the 1970s, I began what was three decades in the automotive industry. It was a good place to be. U.S. automakers had enjoyed decades of growth and profitability, and it seemed like history would continue to repeat itself. Well, we all know what happened next. U.S. automakers grew somewhat complacent, seeming to take their good fortune for granted. As concepts like competition, market share and customer service received little attention, innovation stalled.

Inquiring Minds

Six questions will-be transfers are (or should be) asking—and how advisors are answering them.

Community colleges have always been a popular place for students to begin their higher education career. Often smaller, closer, and more affordable than their four-year counterparts, they can help students get accustomed to college-level work or simply save on tuition. The national goal of producing more college graduates has increased the focus on ensuring students actually transfer on. Keith Coates, a student services advisor at Columbus State Community College, Delaware Campus (Ohio), reports that they’re seeing a lot of students who want to transfer but may not know to where.

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Gov. Patrick Calls For Overhaul Of State Community Colleges In State Of The State Address

Gov. Deval Patrick drew praise and criticism last night over a plan to remake the community-college system, including unifying the state's 15 campuses, unveiled in his annual state of the state address.

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$11M Maine Gift Will Expand Community College

A gift of nearly $11 million will enable a state community college campus in central Maine to expand by as many as 2,000 students, helping to accommodate the huge demand from those seeking enrollment, Gov. Paul LePage and other officials announced Monday.

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Tidewater CC Selects New Leaders For Two Local Campuses

Two new leaders have been picked to lead Tidewater Community College's Portsmouth and Norfolk campuses.

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