Tim Goral


Tim Goral, editor-in-chief of University Business, has been a member of Professional Media Group since 2000, when as features editor he joined the staff of District Administration, the publication for K–12 educators. He became editor of the company's higher education business publication, Matrix magazine, in 2001, and retained his editorial post when Matrix and University Business magazine merged in early 2002. In his nearly 20 years in national trade publication writing and editing, Tim has served in editorial posts for publications in the food and beverage, hospitality, and outdoor retailing industries. He is the author of A Half-Empty Glassful of Optimism: The Path to Enlightenment Begins with a Road Trip. 

Articles by Tim Goral

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A long simmering controversy finally boils over in the student loan industry.

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Leading the way to a paperless office.</p>

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No Easy Answers in Virginia Tech Tragedy
With EduComm and InfoComm just around the corner, here's a look at what's driving the booming highered audiovisual market.

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