Tim Goral


Tim Goral, editor-in-chief of University Business, has been a member of Professional Media Group since 2000, when as features editor he joined the staff of District Administration, the publication for K–12 educators. He became editor of the company's higher education business publication, Matrix magazine, in 2001, and retained his editorial post when Matrix and University Business magazine merged in early 2002. In his nearly 20 years in national trade publication writing and editing, Tim has served in editorial posts for publications in the food and beverage, hospitality, and outdoor retailing industries. He is the author of A Half-Empty Glassful of Optimism: The Path to Enlightenment Begins with a Road Trip. 

Articles by Tim Goral

University Business, July 2014

Several universities, spurred by student groups, are considering adding trigger warnings to course material that some students may find disturbing.
Giving students a heads up about potentially disturbing course material

University Business, June 2014

Fair trade is a model in which producers are paid above market, “fair trade” prices provided they meet specific labor, environmental and production standards. (Photo:  Photograph by James Rodriguez, 2013, Fair Trade USA. All rights reserved)
17 U.S. institutions have been recognized as a “Fair Trade Colleges”

University Business, May 2014

A recent NACAC report echoes growing criticism of the SAT and other standardized tests.
Students who submit standardized test scores don't show higher success rates

University Business, April 2014

Darren Hayes, Computer Information Systems program chair at Pace University
What to know about the new breed of hacker
The University of Puget Sound has received a series of bitcoin donations.
Entrepreneurs bet on Bitcoin as the future of money

University Business, March 2014

Despite legalization, possession, use and sale of marijuana on state campuses is forbidden

University Business, February 2014

A drone at MIT can help visitors find their way around campus.
Researchers are developing peaceful uses for unmanned, remote control quadcopters and fixed-wing aircraft
Swarthmore College President Rebecca Chopp says the liberal arts best help students 'learn the tools of learning itself.'
A new book celebrates the “gold standard” of learning

University Business, October 2013

LinkedIn’s University Pages add powerful networking platform for current and future alumni

University Business, June 2013