Nancy Mann Jackson

Nancy Mann Jackson is an Alabama-based freelance writer.

Articles by Nancy Mann Jackson

University Business, July 2015

Transitioning to digital-only sales of course materials, some campus stores are shuttering. Others are selling anything BUT the books.

University Business, May 2014

Who's buying what?
How buying cooperatives decide which new categories to offer, and how institutions can benefit

University Business, February 2014

Construction budgeting software allows Southern Methodist U to maintain a digital record of projects and ensure future projects have adequate funding for site development and other line items.
How to keep the finishing touches in the budget on a building project
Sidewalks weren't part of the construction project budget for the Hurvis Center at Lawrence U, but that piece was still planned ahead, through a local landscaper.
Here’s how two institutions have approached the decision

University Business, January 2014

 Today, preparing for a course may require students to gather a wide variety of resources, both printed and digital.
Institutions are overcoming challenges in getting digital course materials into students’ hands
Campus bookstores can help in the adoption of new technology

University Business, November 2013

Reverse-transfer agreements between four-year colleges and two-year schools are becoming more common
Students' credit hours and grade-point averages should be part of decision to allow reverse transfers

University Business, August 2013

New California community college students may get priority when registering for courses
Priority registration allows freshmen at Rio Hondo College to enroll in the courses they need right from the get-go.
Greater attention is being placed on helping incoming freshmen not just enroll but also start off their college careers on a positive note