Karine Joly

Karine Joly is the web editor behind www.collegewebeditor.com, a blog about higher ed web marketing, public relations, and technologies. She is also the founder of the professional development online community at www.higheredexperts.com.

Articles by Karine Joly

University Business, Apr 2008

<em>Eight tips for designing an institution's crisis web template</em>

University Business, Feb 2008

New ways higher ed institutions can use social networking

University Business, Nov 2007

Creating a blog is easy. Making it great requires a plan.

University Business, Oct 2007

University Business, Aug 2007

Higher ed institutions can unleash the power of online videos without breaking the budget.

University Business, Jun 2007

Virtual worlds may wind up breathing new life into teaching, learning, and creative expression.

University Business, Apr 2007

IHEs ponder whether or not to embrace social networking websites.

University Business, Feb 2007

Institutional Public Relations teams may be preventing their schools from getting deserved media coverage. Here's how the web can help.

University Business, Dec 2006

Web professionals who have "been there, done that" share some pointers.

University Business, Oct 2006

Make the switch to a new content management system as seamless as possible.