Carol Patton

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University Business, March 2012

Trends in creating, managing, and enforcing cell phone policies—and how HR could be more involved

University Business, Jan 2012

illustration of a professor behind a podium
Using nontenure faculty tracks to attract skilled professionals and boost job satisfaction

University Business, Oct 2011

Exploring new ways to boost employee learning

University Business, Jul 2011

Helping employees develop better money management skills

University Business, May 2011

Personal, fun, and interactive employee orientation programs

University Business, April 2011

Coping with health care reform's provisions and ever-changing rules

University Business, Mar 2011

Optional benefits helping to compensate for rising employee contributions

University Business, Jan 2011

Boosting employee morale and helping staff cope with stagnant or decreasing salaries.

University Business, Oct 2010

The power of survey results and how institutions are using them

University Business, Jul 2010

Update on ERP systems, information systems, and more in campus HR offices