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Using Predictive Analytics to Meet Enrollment Goals

Broadcast : 
Thu, 07/13/2017
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The leadership of Dickinson College understands the importance of predictive analytics to help shape their class. But they also know that models can get stale, and will only improve when they are transparent and institutional departments collaborate during the model building and enrollment process.

Attend this web seminar to learn from the vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications and the senior research analyst at Dickinson, about how they use predictive analytics to build the best possible enrollment models, as well as the importance of creating a feedback loop between the enrollment and institutional research departments, and some of the key lessons they have learned during the process.

Topics will include:

  • An introduction to predictive analytics
  • How to create enrollment models using analytics
  • A live demonstration of building an enrollment model

Scheduled speakers:

Korey Paul

Senior Research Analyst

Dickinson College

Stefanie Niles

Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications

Dickinson College

Jon MacMillan

Senior Data Analyst

Rapid Insight, Inc.

Who will benefit:

Higher ed administrators interested in enrollment or data analytics. Anyone may attend.

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