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Creating Active Learning Environments

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Thu, 03/16/2017
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In the race to attract, retain and prepare students, the institutions with the most relevant programs and most current technologies have an advantage. Hands-on learning through 3D printing at a college or university opens doors to entrepreneurship and industry collaborations that benefit budding scientists, engineers, artists and designers by preparing them for the requirements of the knowledge-based economy.

Attend this web seminar to learn how the Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis is using 3D printing in innovative ways to enable active learning and build career readiness, helping students gain high-demand skills for a wide variety of career fields.

Topics will include:

  • What 3D printing is and how it works
  • How different industries and fields use 3D printing
  • How 3D printing can help prepare students for future careers
  • Resources to help use 3D printing effectively at any institution

Scheduled speakers:
Alex Wong

Engineering, Drafting and Design Instructor
Dunwoody College of Technology (Minn.)

Gina Scala
Director of Education Marketing

Ryan Hayford
Partner Executive

Who will benefit:  Higher ed administrators interested in active learning, career readiness or 3D printing. Anyone may attend.

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