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Realizing ROI on a New ERP

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Wed, 10/05/2016
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Given the current environment in higher ed, the pressure to contain costs and the need to justify expenses, it is more critical than ever that any technology investment not only meet the needs of staff, students and the institution, but also provide a clear return on investment. When it comes to the significant investment involved with implementing an ERP, there are strategies and approaches that any institution can take to reduce total cost of ownership, as well as realize ROI in the least amount of time possible.

Attend this web seminar to learn how the leadership of Texarkana College decided to transition to a new ERP and realized a total ROI within one year, and some of the key strategies they learned through the process that can be applied at any institution.

Topics will include:

  • Strategies to significantly lower cost of ERP ownership
  • Unique approaches to cut implementation costs
  • A brief live demo of Texarkana’s new ERP

Scheduled speakers:
Michael Dumdei

Vice President of Information Technology
Texarkana College

Eileen Smith
Vice President of Marketing

Who will benefit: College and university administrators interested in technology or ERP software. Anyone may attend.

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