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Preparing Your Campus for the Next Generation of Students

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Thu, 10/13/2016
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Over the next decade, higher education will experience a significant shift, as the millennial generation gives way to “Generation Z.” As a result of this multi-generational shift in student expectations, institutions will have to adapt how they do business across departments, from financial aid to the business office to student services. This will include using social media effectively to communicate with students and their families—particularly in the financial aid and business offices. Communication, academic differentiation and alumni relations should be important areas of improvement for any college or university over the next ten years.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about how to meet the needs and expectations of the next generation of students on your campus, from two experts at Nelnet Business Solutions who specialize in social media strategy, emerging communication technologies, online and mobile behavior, user expectations and social interaction.

Topics will include:

  • The current generation of students and where future shifts will occur
  • The effects of varied generational expectations on every campus office
  • Ways to improve operational efficiencies and communication
  • Using social media to reach students and parents more effectively

Scheduled speakers:
Jaclyn Day

Director of Marketing and Communications
​Nelnet Business Solutions

Caitlin Anderson
Marketing Manager
​Nelnet Business Solutions

Who will benefit: College and university leaders interested in finance, business or student services. Anyone may attend.

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