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Preparing Your Campus for the Emerging Payment World

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Thu, 03/30/2017
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Higher education institutions are constantly looking for ways to boost retention rates, especially for students struggling to meet increasing economic costs. Accepting payments from international students can also be challenging—from dealing with security issues associated with carrying cash to reconciling international wire transfers that may omit the recipient’s name.

A cashless attitude is becoming the norm with payment plans, 529 plans and wire transfers being offered as alternatives to cash, checks or credit cards. Students living in a world of Paypal, Venmo and Starbucks prepay want the convenience of using their smartphones to conduct campus transactions.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about the emerging payment world and the effect it will have on both students and staff.

Scheduled speakers:
Eileen Gazzuolo

Senior Director, Sales Support & Consulting
Blackboard Transact

Karrol Leary
Director, Sales Support
Blackboard Transact

Who will benefit:  Higher ed administrators interested in finance, payments and disbursement. Anyone may attend.

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