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Payment Plans That Drive Student Success

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Wed, 06/28/2017
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While students have a variety of options when it comes to paying for college, making unwise financial decisions can lead to negative consequences for the student as well as the institution. Overborrowing, poor planning and budgeting, and misunderstanding financial aid can create seemingly insurmountable debt that can affect academic performance, push students to leave school before completion, and burden them long after graduation.  

Institutions can play a role in overcoming these challenges by providing students with flexible, customized tuition payment plans, as well as guidance in choosing the plan that is the best fit for each student. This approach also benefits the institution by simplifying and centralizing payment processes, saving time and money and freeing up resources that can help to drive institutional and student success.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about the financial challenges that today’s students face, how colleges and universities can help students overcome these challenges, and some key strategies for implementing more flexible payment plans that drive student success at any institution.

Scheduled speakers:

Donald Smith

VP of Payments Product Management

Blackboard Transact

Who will benefit:

Higher ed administrators interested in finance or student success. Anyone may attend.

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