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The Next Generation of Community Engagement

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Wed, 11/01/2017
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Community, faculty and student engagement are important components of college and university strategic and facility planning. But, many traditional methods of gauging opinion or gathering input—such as surveys or town hall meetings—are flawed and can be misleading, often being disproportionately influenced by the loudest or most negative voices.

Attend this web seminar to learn about the next generation of far more effective and accurate community engagement methods in higher ed. The president of Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia will discuss how her institution employed a structured, online platform for two recent community engagement efforts, and saw thousands of stakeholders share their thoughts and learn from one another about what matters most regarding the future of the college. Through these efforts, Camosun’s leadership built trust with the community and gained rich insights that informed their planning.

Topics will include:

  • The importance of engaging more effectively with greater numbers of stakeholders
  • Ways of gaining a more accurate understanding of the community
  • How to translate stakeholder insights into action

Scheduled speakers:

Sherri Bell
Camosun College (Victoria, B.C.)

Kevin Skelcher
VP Client Engagement

Who will benefit: College and university leaders interested in community, faculty and student engagement, facility or strategic planning. Anyone may attend.

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