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Lessons Learned In Flipping the Classroom

Broadcast : 
Tue, 02/21/2017
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At the University of Trinidad and Tobago, recording lectures was once a cumbersome technology dance. From loaner cameras and SD cards to burning and distributing DVDs, the process was disconnected from the teaching and learning objectives and produced no measurable results.

The university aligned its efforts by transitioning to an active flipped classroom.

Watch this recently recorded web seminar find out how the decision to shift from a record-first-figure-it-out-later paradigm to a teaching- and learning-centered system of lecture capture helped UTT achieve desired learning outcomes and positively affect student performance.

Topics will include:

  • The transition to a standard lecture capture platform
  • The progression to flipping and blending
  • The architecture of the technology
  • The impact of data-driven instruction

Lisle Waldron

Multimedia and AV Services Manager
University of Trinidad and Tobago

Moderated by:
Sean Brown

Senior Vice President
Sonic Foundry

Who will benefit: College and university administrators interested in flipped classroom environments. Anyone may attend.

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