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Engagement Strategies Throughout the Student Lifecycle

Broadcast : 
Thu, 11/02/2017
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Higher education has unique needs when it comes to student engagement, from the recruitment cycle through alumni relations. More of today’s institutions are taking new approaches, going beyond the typical point solution mindset and toward a ‘whole campus’ strategy by employing a single engagement platform. Today’s engagement platforms are able to integrate data from multiple systems and touch points, and provide insight through powerful analytics to improve results across the institution.

Whether your goal is to increase enrollment, improve retention, create lifelong relationships with alumni or improve outcomes, attend this web seminar to learn how to use technology to drive engagement throughout the student lifecycle.

Topics will include:

  • The key components of a successful engagement platform
  • The strategic initiatives that a whole campus, enterprise mindset empowers
  • How technology can drive engagement throughout the student lifecycle

Scheduled speakers:

Mark Armstrong
Chief Strategy Officer
Campus Management Corp.

Jennifer Beyer-LeFever
Vice President, Product Management
Campus Management Corp.

Who will benefit: Higher ed administrators interested in enrollment, retention and engagement. Anyone may attend.