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Battling the Data Breach Epidemic: Securing Your Campus

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Tue, 12/05/2017
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Colleges and universities have become a favorite target of cybercriminals because of the sheer volume of student information they handle—and the fact that payment processing happens all over campus, from the ticketing office to the bursar’s office to the cafeteria. In addition to endangering students and damaging the reputation of the institution, the financial costs of a data breach could include legal representation, fines, and the expense of notifying affected individuals.

Properly safeguarding all campus payment data—while staying compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)—is no simple task. Fortunately, advances in payment technology, such as point-to-point encryption, are helping to secure campus data more effectively.

Attend this web seminar to hear from data security experts at Bluefin Payment Systems and Nelnet Campus Commerce as they discuss the data breach epidemic in higher ed and how you can better secure your campus.

Scheduled speakers:

Daryl Robinson
Director, Product Development & Strategy
Nelnet Campus Commerce

Ruston Miles
Chief of Strategy & Innovation
Bluefin Payment Systems

Who will benefit: College and university leaders interested in finance or data security. Anyone may attend.

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