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Campus Communication


We know automakers are in trouble-they paid attention to what once was, instead of what will be. Could American higher ed suffer the same hubris or will we now witness a new generation of cellular teachers and learners?


THE GOOD NEWS? EVIDENCE from the Society for College and University Planning’s 43rd annual international conference supports the conclusion that there is a whole lot of “smart planning” for higher education going on.


WALLACE MLYNIEC, A professor of clinical legal studies at Georgetown University, learned the art of communicating about campus construction out of sheer necessity. When the Hotung International Law Building and the Georgetown Sport and Fitness Center were constructed a few years ago next to two student residences and a classroom building at the Law School campus, "the notion of not letting people know in advance what was going on very quickly became an issue for us," says Mlyniec, who was appointed chair of the project committee.