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Inspire and be inspired. That has been our hope for readers of University Business’ Models of Excellence program over the past three years. Read more>

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This Toolkit will help you understand the impact of video in the classroom, as well as:
-How to improve student outcomes
-Why engagement is higher using video
-How educators are using video to create success in the classroom Read more>


Top computer science schools have proven that a few cultural changes can increase the number of women in the field. Read more>

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For Q1 2017, health programs stayed as the top program category, with 41 percent of all inquiries. Health related programs also dominate the list of top 20 programs overall with eight programs ranked. From 2012 to 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected up to 4.1 million jobs could be created in healthcare. Read more>

The Washington Post

The debate over affirmative action in college admissions has taken a new twist: The Justice Department is seeking lawyers for investigations and possible lawsuits against universities to prohibit what they deem is “intentional race-based discrimination.” Read more>

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Recently, Yale commissioned a report to better understand the full spectrum of video-related services in use at the university. What they found were challenges related to the inconsistent and inefficient use of video. Learn more about the 7 essential elements Yale sought for video, and how Yale support video today. Read more>

The Texas Tribune

Since 2016, public entities have had to reveal the businesses they have large contracts with. These "1295 disclosures" reveal numerous legislators among the contractors — and some of those lawmakers have sponsored or voted on bills that help those same public entities. Read more>


The hype is fading for coding "boot camps," for-profit U.S. schools offering graduates entry into the lucrative world of software development. Read more>

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