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wePresent offers affordable wireless classroom technology solution

Technology – it’s something we’re surrounded by daily as we consume information from every imaginable type of device. In education, classroom technology can be used to connect with today’s students and offers new ways for students to collaborate and communicate. Some schools, however, find it hard to implement the correct technology due to soaring costs, budgetary constraints and conflicting options of standardizing operating platforms. But one company is helping schools make better use of their classroom technology budgets: wePresent. According to its users, wePresent delivers real value in education, helping schools to implement plans that allow students to use their own personal devices for education-related purposes, while saving the schools money along the way by not having to buy new devices for every student.

wePresent is a small wireless presentation system that allows multiple students to present wirelessly to a display in the classroom from their own device —PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, and smartphones— and they can even receive a teacher’s presentation back on that same device. All wePresent models include standard features and benefits such as cross-platform support, up to 1080p HD output resolution, quad-screen display mode, IEEE security protocols, and of course mirroring capabilities. But, the classroom environment is where wePresent kicks it up a notch.

Recent developments in education, such as the Scale-Up project, have forced schools to rethink the design of their classrooms and created a need for more innovative technology solutions to be deployed across universities and K-12 classrooms. Schools want to create a more student-centered, interactive learning environment. wePresent is packed with features that are tailor-made for education, but still well within reach of the school’s budgets, like on-screen annotation, a virtual whiteboard, a conference control mode that allows teachers to moderate and control the presentations, and the WebSlides feature, which allows an onscreen presentation to simultaneously be mirrored back on the students own devices. The advanced WiPG-2000 model adds to this list with features such as distributed video for sharing content to multiple displays, HD video streaming, and an onboard USB document viewer and media player.

wePresent is a classroom technology solution that is extremely easy for schools to deploy, easily managed by the school's IT department, and even easier for teachers and their students to begin using. Once connected to the school’s network, it is immediately ready to use by any student or facilitator from their own device, on that same network, allowing wireless classroom presentations, student collaboration, onscreen annotation, and reliable video presentations. wePresent is available through a network of online and ProAV & IT resellers. Demonstrations of the wePresent system can be seen in person at upcoming events such as InfoComm15, ISTE, and various regional education shows. More information about wePresent is available at our website or by calling 214-935-2416.

Features of the wePresent WiPG-2000

A full list of available wePresent features can be found online and include:

Cross platform support

1080p HD resolution | up to 30fps video

Quad-screen display mode

USB Control of projecting computers by mouse or touchscreen

Full wireless video streaming

USB Document Viewer & Video Player

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port (10/100/1000)

1 to 4 distributed video (1 Device to 4 Screens)

Driverless Universal Multi-Touch (UMT) Support

Onscreen annotation | Virtual whiteboard

WebSlides | Conference Control | Moderator Lock

About wePresent

wePresent is an innovative wireless presentation system developed by AWIND. The wePresent product enables end-users to move away from cables and connections and move into the world of wireless presentations. wePresent allows up to 64 users to connect and give a wireless presentation, in full 1080p HD, to the display from ANY device. wePresent is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

More information about wePresent is available at

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