Models of Efficiency Spring 2012 Honorees

Record Numbers Respond to Efficiency Challenge
University Business, April 2012

As the University Business editorial team began judging the entries for this first round of the Models of Efficiency program’s third year, a few things became clear. One is that, with so much practice, we are becoming all the more efficient in spotting the great efficiency success stories. (But not to worry, we still carefully examine each entry and then discuss, discuss, discuss…until the entire team is in agreement on every entry that’s selected, or not selected.) The second thing more than evident this time around was just how far college and university administrators have come in developing creative solutions to operational problems and challenges. We’d like to think the challenge we’ve set forth has even helped play a role in motivating administrators at campuses across the country to consider improving processes—and in getting our readers to want their efficiency success stories shared so that they may help others be successful, too.

Is Your Department an Efficiency Winner?

The Models of Efficiency program was launched in 2010 to recognize campus administrative departments that have found ways to provide better service through streamlined business operations. We aim to share efficiency success stories that will inspire other institutions to implement similar efforts. For more details on the program, to read the stories of past honorees, and to enter for Summer 2012—with April 20 being the submission deadline—click here.

Highlighted here are 18 stories—the most honorees in a single round of our program to date—we think you’ll want to get to know and perhaps emulate. You may recognize some of the institution names because they’ve had departments named Models of Efficiency before. Also take note of the three institutions that account for six of the awards we’re announcing. Going forward, the inspiration for innovation may well be found someplace on your own campus. Amidst the important work that makes your office abuzz with activity on a daily basis, don’t forget to think about how that work might be done even better, and the service you provide to constituents even greater.  And then don’t forget to share your success with us.