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Video Recruiting
University Business, April 2013
Miami Dade College
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Despite a freeze introduced three years ago on full-time hiring, which was necessitated by statewide funding cuts to higher education, Miami Dade College still regularly hires part-time workers to fill support roles.

Its eight campuses have 6,200 employees, and at any given time there are between 300 and 700 openings, shares Iliana Castillo-Frick, vice provost of human resources. Available jobs comprise noninstructional jobs—including clerical, facilities, public safety, administration, and supervisory roles—as well as adjunct professor jobs on the instructional side.

To fill these openings, the employment department used to attend five offsite career fairs, at an average cost of $14,150, each year. In addition to being one of the most expensive marketing tools, sending department members to these fairs was a significant drain on staff resources. The six-person team also had to process an average of 400 employment applications per day. Plus, participation in career fairs was not even a guarantee that candidates in attendance had the skills or experience that MDC and its various departments desired.

In an effort to recruit higher-quality job candidates at a lower cost, the employment department began exploring different employment tools. When creative managers on the team talked about how effective storytelling is in attracting candidates, video emerged as one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of accomplishing this goal.

MDC turned to Jobing.com for help in filming and editing a series of videos. “Our own employees are our best marketers,” says Castillo-Frick, which is why it made perfect sense to cast them as stars in the department’s eight online recruitment videos. The one-to-two-minute videos showcase different aspects of life at MDC and cost approximately $400 per video.

Filming, editing, and production of the videos began in 2011 and took 10 months total, including design of a new web page to feature the videos.

While participation in career fairs typically attracted an average of 1,000 potential job candidates each year, the videos have reached nearly 15,200 viewers at a far lower cost. The production of the eight videos cost $3,200, providing an annual savings of $10,950 versus career fair attendance.

More importantly, the videos are attracting higher-quality candidates, reports Castillo-Frick. “We’re seeing a significant increase in the talent of our applicants.”

Additionally, the content helps to prequalify applicants, who get a better sense of MDC’s values and mission before deciding to apply.

Employees are helping to spread the word about the videos, which is helping to increase the number of views.

Because the videos have proven so effective, MDC now plans to create four new ones each year. “Ultimately, this process has enhanced the quality of life for MDC’s employment department staff while achieving greater efficiency in the workplace and resulting in significant cost containment for such activities,” says Castillo-Frick.