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Staying safe “out there”

University and college police departments work hard to maintain security and safety; Laserfiche ECM technology provides the right tool to make the job easier.
University Business, July 2013

University and college police departments may operate in a smaller arena than most city law enforcement agencies, but their need for accurate and up-to-date intelligence is no different, nor are the challenges they face when trying to manage this through a paper-based system.

For example, to maintain security and safety, campus police officers must be able to instantly access information about a suspect or event wherever they are, whenever needed. Such capability prevents them from going into a situation blindly, giving them more control and providing opportunity for a better outcome. But this advantage is hard to achieve when paper records and files are stored away in cabinets at headquarters rather than being available to officers while in their patrol vehicles or on foot.

Meanwhile, back at department headquarters, employees must not only be able to quickly locate files and records, they must not misfile them, misplace them, lose them or otherwise compromise the information flow, security, or chain of custody. It’s a lot to ask—in fact, it’s almost impossible to consistently accomplish. However, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology offers a way to overcome these challenges, which is why Linda Ding, education program strategist for Laserfiche, describes ECM as a best practice campus police agencies should consider.

“The value of ECM is that it provides uniform and secure access to the most updated information in a police department,” Ding explains. “The ability to have consistent and standardized access to files is one of the most mission-critical components of law enforcement.”

Laserfiche ECM technology creates a universal repository for all digital records and documents (and also the means to convert from paper to digital), giving campus police departments a centralized way of managing records and files. The tool also allows agency personnel to have secure and immediate access to the information they or their department needs to get the job done.

Because it’s intuitive and easy to use, Ding believes the Laserfiche ECM tool provides the right solution for any campus police department environment.

“It’s important to us that our ECM technology be flexible, customizable and extremely user-friendly to encourage adoption by police personnel,” she explains. “We want officers focused on their core responsibilities—ensuring campus security—rather than spending time figuring out complicated technology. You shouldn’t need an advanced degree to utilize any technology tool,” Ding adds. “If you do, it’s the wrong one for you.”