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Keeping Information Mobile and Secure

The use of technology like iPads and iPhones has freed workers from their desks, increasing the need to develop security-focused strategies.
University Business, November 2012

Mobile technology has certainly made life more convenient, allowing employees to work and stay connected from almost anywhere. At the same time, because these devices are so portable and are often used by accessing public wireless Internet, they’ve made life a little less secure.

Laptops and notebook-style computers like iPads are vulnerable to physical theft—as are cellphones—and to data theft via open wireless networks (coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and airports are among the top login sites). But there’s no reason to forsake the advantages mobile devices offer, especially since more and more work is being done on these tools; a trend that is only going to escalate as mobile technology advances and folks expand on the ways they use it. Instead, if privacy and security are important to you, be sure that your employees are accessing sensitive documents via a secure portal into your organization’s document or records repositories. One easy way to do this is to select an enterprise content management (ECM) system that includes mobile apps.

Additionally, implementing the following measures will help ensure security:

  • Be proactive and public about mobile security. Develop a data security policy that also includes mobile devices. Educate and train employees on this policy and on why it’s important. This policy should also include immediate steps to take if a mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Make sure your wireless network is encrypted.
  • Disable automatic login so the document repository isn’t compromised if the device is lost or stolen. Also, be sure to disable electronic document exports so that employees do not store sensitive documents locally.

Perhaps the best security measure of all is creating a culture of awareness, one that emphasizes the need for mobile security and holds employees accountable for adhering to your policies.