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How Texas A&M speeds contracts to completion

Laserfiche Workflow improves communication and collaboration

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Life has gotten a lot calmer recently for workers in the Contracts Administration department for the Texas A&M Health Science Center (HSC). At one time, pushing contracts through to completion demanded the skills and steely resolve of a private eye: it wasn’t easy figuring out where the contracts were, who had looked at them and which ones were approved.

It was a time-consuming, nerve-rattling experience for everyone, says Kristin Nace, HSC Assistant Vice President, Fiscal Services and Budgets. But now, thanks to Laserfiche Workflow, much of the drama and angst that once permeated the contract management process has pretty much evaporated.

Included in the Laserfiche Rio enterprise content management system, Laserfiche Workflow enables users to automatically route documents, spreadsheets, e-mails and other content among staff. The difference this has made to Contracts Administration is huge.

"Prior to implementing Laserfiche Workflow, the contracts process took anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on the level of complexities and number of reviewers required,” says Nace. “After the implementation, the contracts review process on average takes one to two weeks, with many agreements processed and signed the same day."

It's easy to see why they’ve achieved such significant efficiency gains. Laserfiche Workflow allows multiple people to simultaneously review contracts. Automatic e-mail alerts notify managers when a contract is waiting or requires action. Modifications and corrections are electronically submitted. Contracts that had to be printed and signed by hand are now digitally signed.

The best part? Laserfiche Workflow makes it possible to instantly locate any contract, identify what stage it’s in and what still needs to be done to it—an attractive and stress-reducing capability, says Nace. This transparency has additionally inspired speed and accountability.

Learn more about Texas A&M's contract management workflow design details and screenshots at Laserfiche’s Solution Exchange.

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