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Gaining efficiencies and value

Colleges and universities are turning to ECM to garner the necessary tools for both enhancing their business value and supporting their students.
University Business, November 2013

The business value of any college or university lies in how effectively it serves its students through its ability to provide them with the support and resources needed to achieve their educational goals. Increasingly, this is requiring institutions to connect with students who are increasingly mobile (according to Educause research, the average student brings at least two mobile devices on campus) and who consequently expect the institution to provide instant, real-time access to information whenever they want it and from anywhere.  

Serving students well also requires a high level of connectivity between departments on campus that need to share information. Even so, it’s still common for information to be held in silos, making it difficult for others to access it or to even know what kind of data is located where. However, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technology can facilitate the necessary connectivity to students, faculty and staff, while at the same time enhance controls and security, increasing the information’s usefulness and the institution’s business value.

ECM technology accomplishes this in several ways. It can streamline department processes, achieving greater efficiencies and placing less strain on sometimes-limited resources. Information is accurately captured and immediately searchable—controls can be set specifying who or what departments can interact with or search the data—facilitating communication between stakeholders.

Since data is real-time and easily obtained, making decisions and responding to requests or questions happens faster, further improving department performance and student satisfaction. Certain ECM technology can also enable users to accomplish necessary tasks through their mobile devices, providing them with an end-to-end fully integrated solution that extends governance, risk and compliance standards all the way to these devices. This mobile component has become increasingly essential to an untethered population that expects, even demands, this capability; a reality worth paying attention to.

When used as integrative middleware, ECM technology drives business processes by linking together data generated from various business applications, seamlessly integrating with existing systems, standardizing the central system while delivering the information to users in the manner they’re familiar with. This customization reduces the need for training and also ensures ready adoption across the board, both critically important components for institution—and student—success.