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UB's Innovators Showcase

Welcome to UB’s Innovators Showcase, featuring many new solutions developed in response to needs expressed by college and university leaders throughout the United States. Scroll through the listings below or search by keyword or category to find the solution you are looking for.

New Jersey Innovation Institute Innovation as a Service™

New Jersey Innovation Institute

NJII’s Innovation as a Service™ teams work with clients to identify business problems in search of solutions and generate ideas from the identified challenges. Once ideas are generated, we test the solutions to demonstrate they will perform as designed prior to implementation. An additional step may bring solutions to commercialization.

Consultative services

Oracle Higher Education Cloud


In an increasingly digital world, Oracle can help your institution rethink business processes across Finance, HR, and Student systems in the cloud. We partner with 350+ colleges and universities worldwide to create a personalized experience for students to thrive—freeing your institution for innovation with AI-driven cloud technology.

Administrative software & technology

Polycom Pano


Polycom Pano allows ideas to breakthrough easily from instructors, students and staff. Everyone in the room can easily and securely share content, presentations, drawings or even full-motion video—from their own devices. Up to four individual streams of content can be displayed and marked up on a touchscreen.

Network, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity

Student Connections Borrower Connect

Student Connections

Borrower Connect fits any default prevention scope and budget. Real-time reporting helps improve your outreach, or turn things over to our professional counselors. Our predictive analytics match the most effective communications to your unique borrowers’ needs to help cure delinquent loans. Find out how we can help you. 

Financial services

Subway Sandwich Shop Franchise


The Subway® Fresh Forward restaurant has new features and new menu items, along with the favorites students crave.

• New signature wraps 

• Indulgent or wholesome sandwiches

• Better for you breakfast

• Mama DeLuca’s additional menu options such as pizza, pasta, chicken wings and breadsticks

Food service



Powered by AI, Thoughtexchange software delivers instant, qualitative feedback from stakeholder groups of any size. Simplicity, interactivity and new real-time multilingual capabilities ensure maximum participation, while confidential sharing and rating of responses lets unique perspectives emerge. Instant, in-depth analytics increase insight to action capacity.

Academic software & technology

Veera by Rapid Insight

Rapid Insight

A comprehensive software platform to optimize enrollment, support student success and meet institutional analytics needs. Blend data from disparate sources, build automated and transparent predictive models, empowering people at all levels of an institution with information and data at their fingertips. Veera is the ideal analytics platform for higher ed.

Academic software & technology