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University of Ottawa: Making learning more interactive

University Business, August 2013
University of Ottawa
The University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, created more interactive learning spaces for tech-savvy students and teachers.

As more students and faculty started bringing their own digital devices to campus, the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada recognized the need for more interactive learning at the bilingual public research institution. The university responded by employing flipped classrooms, in which the traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed; active learning, in which students read, write, and discuss topics instead of listening to lectures; and specialized spaces, providing educational environments geared toward tech-savvy students and staff.

Central to the new interactive design protocols was the AMX Enova DGX-32 Digital Media switcher, which supports the university’s overall multimedia infrastructure. The design addressed the critical requirements for intelligent and seamless scaling of various input and output devices, particularly because of an increasingly BYOD environment. Other factors that made the AMX DGX series an ideal solution included its structured cabling for faster installation, reduced physical and conduit space requirements, EDID and HDCP compliance, and impressive BTU ratings. “Ongoing deployment of AMX 3150HD and DGX systems in lecture halls provides an economy of scale to the campus,” explains Mark Gareau, director of multimedia distribution services. “With excellent MTBF ratings, AMX equipment will continue to positively impact the design, both now and in the future.”

This innovative use of audiovisual technology to improve teaching and learning earned the Multimedia Services Department the 2013 AMX Innovation Award in the International Initiative category.