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Queensland University of Technology: Creating The Cube

University Business, August 2013
Queensland University of Technology
The focal point of the new Science and Engineering Centre at Queensland University of Technology in Australia is “The Cube”, a two-story interactive display.

The focal point of Queensland University of Technology’s brilliant new Science and Engineering Centre is known as The Cube—part science lab, part digital engagement, and the hub of scientific exploration for the Australian university's community, as well as high school students and the public at large.

The two-story Cube creates interactive displays of research projects using advanced digital technology, including 14 high-definition projectors, more than 40 multi-touch screens and advanced audio technology. Learners at all levels are supported, with hands-on and interactive workshops and programs for high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students. But the focus is not just on today’s learner. The center has been designed to go where technology and discovery take it in the future.

The school employed the DGX Enova platform and DXLink from AMX, creating a system design that meets immediate requirements while providing long-term flexibility and value. The solution comprises multiple 32x32 DGX frames, DXLink receivers and multi-input wall plates, as well as a TPI control interface. Utilizing the AMX Enova DGX, the design reduced implementation time and cost, and also simplifies ongoing maintenance. Co-locating equipment in the data center has enabled the university to maximize energy efficiency and ensure the technologies are future-proof. “The Cube is a globally unique, high-definition interactive video installation, delivered on advanced user interface technologies comprising multi-touch and projection systems,” project manager Gavin Winter explains. “The Cube presents programs showcasing strengths of all disciplines at QUT, as well as global collaborations in human-computer interaction, simulation, and visualization.”

The 2013 AMX Innovation Award was presented to Queensland University of Technology in the Collaboration Initiative category for this innovative work creating flexible learning environments.