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University Business, Sep 2005

Imagine if prospective students could help the recruitment staff attract other students. They could be walking billboards. That's the aim of BookWear by Field Crafts. The product is a little book that opens to reveal a T-shirt with a school's logo or customized message. T-shirt production costs can range from $4.70 per shirt for 3,000 shirts to $7.70 per shirt for 100 shirts, and brochures, campus maps, or other promotional materials can be inserted into BookWear for free. Besides T-shirts, Field Crafts offers other types of customized gifts, like chocolate truffles, photo albums, address albums, leather ID pouches, and key rings. For more information, visit


Christie's DW30 projector delivers up to 3,000 lumens in dual lamp mode and has 1,280x720 resolution, up to 5,000:1 contrast ratio, and 10-bit image processing. DW30 is designed to perform built-in edge blending and optional image warping to allow images of most shapes to appear on screens and objects. DW30 costs $15,995. For more information, visit


AMX Modero Widescreen is a 10-inch touch panel designed with two different ways of positioning the touch panel: table top and wall/flush mount. The panel also has wireless connectivity using the AMX 802.11b CF Card, Ethernet connectivity, a built-in USB port for keyboard or mouse, built-in speakers/microphone, an MP3 and WAV audio file player, a headphone connection, a photosensitive light detector to regulate display brightness, 64 MB of memory, and 64 MB of compact flash. External pushbuttons are optional. The suggested retail price is $5,800. For more information, visit


Apple is offering updated versions of its iBook and Mac mini lines. The new iBook line's processor now runs up to 1.42 GHz. Its built-in features include AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth, and Apple's scrolling TrackPad. The new Sudden Motion Sensor protects data by instantly parking the hard drive when it senses a sudden change in the computer's acceleration, such as in a fall. Prices start at $999. At an education price of $479, the Mac mini now has double the memory, with 512 MB as a standard in every model. It also offers Bluetooth and AirPort, bumping the price up to $599. A Mac mini with SuperDrive, which allows users to burn DVDs, costs $699. For more information, visit


Maplesoft MapleNet 10 is a web-based platform for deploying live technical knowledge and applications. Integrated with Maple 10, MapleNet 10 enables users to produce and share interactive online documents. They can embed dynamic formulas, models, plots, and animations as live knowledge inside web pages. In addition to authoring live mathematical content using JavaServer Pages, Java applets, or Maplet applications, users can now create technical documents in Maple 10, incorporating embedded GUI components, and then publish these documents to their MapleNet server. Published documents can be viewed by anyone with access to the server through a standard internet browser. MapleNet 10 documents can be browsed easily, and readers can change parameters and generate the results for their problems within their web browser without needing any additional programming, extra software, or plug-ins on their machines. Department licenses begin at $4,500; pricing varies, depending on size of the department. For more information, visit


Spectrum Industries, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, has created ADApt Lectern, an adjustable lectern designed to adapt to the physical requirements of each individual. The lectern complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitations Act of 1973. Those who are not bound to a wheelchair can use the lectern as well, while sitting on an office chair or a drafting stool, or by standing. It adjusts to the highest horizontal and extended position in nine seconds. The lectern sells for $8,670. For more information, visit


Macromedia Breeze, built on top of the Breeze Communication Server, offers four applications that provide specific functions for higher ed. Breeze Presenter and Training allows the delivery of content for distance learning, professional development, and on-demand collaboration. Educators, staff, and students can use tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint to author, publish, and track Flash-based education and training materials. Macromedia Breeze Meeting allows for interactive presentations and live discussions. Breeze Events offers registration management and tracking for large online events and presentations.

An entry-level software package includes the Breeze Communication Server, Breeze Presenter (30 presenters), and Breeze Training (100 learners), and costs $9,750. The standard package includes the Breeze Communication Server, Breeze Presenter (75 presenters), and Breeze Training (500 learners), and is priced at $19,750. Breeze Meeting, meanwhile, costs $9,750 with support for 40 concurrent users. One 50-user event using Breeze Events can go for $6,000. Visit for information on a 15-day trial offer.


The Digital Media Recorder (DMR) from MediaPOINTE is designed to help users search material and play back on demand. Data can be recorded, archived, and streamed for up to 1,500 hours. Educational content can be recorded from a video endpoint and can be accessed by those in a department or school. Video meetings can be recorded and viewed locally, copied to a USB storage unit, downloaded over a network, or streamed to standard PCs.

If used during a video conference, the DMR200's camera images as well as the computer graphics such as a spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation are designed to be as clear as the originals. DMR100 is more like TiVo in that it's a video-only recorder. DMR300 is designed to record three separate streams for clarity for recording and playing back of conferences. It will record two video streams, usually the near-end and far-end camera views of the participants, and it will record a high-resolution stream for the content such as a computer graphic spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. Since each stream is recorded separately, a user has some flexibility on how to record and play them back.

Pricing for DMR100 is $4,995, DMR200 is $7,995, and DMR300 is $14,995; education discounts may be obtained through a local MediaPOINTE dealer. For more information, visit


Foresite's ProjectionX is web-based software built to help institutions better understand and project financial aid budgets. Once data begins to arrive, administrators can compare real values to projected values in an effort to make more accurate future projections. The company works with financial aid offices to determine the best sources of data to input. Implementation of ProjectionX takes about four to eight weeks while Foresite helps set up an initial budget model to meet institutional goals. A demo version of the software allows access for only one school at a time, so reservations are required for evaluations. Foresite encourages a brief introduction by its staff to the software to assist with the demo. Financial aid offices can license the software for $8,000 to $14,000 per year; pricing also depends on the level of integration and customization an institution requires. For more information, visit

PLUS Vision has introduced two U5 projectors ideal for any size room as long as a diagonal screen no larger than 300 inches is used. Each weighs 4 pounds with a contrast ratio of 2,000:1. U5-632 is a 2,200-lumen projector offering 3,000 lumens in bright mode. U5-732 is a 2,300-lumen projector. Both projectors have full automatic adjustment, including digital keystone correction. U5-632 sells for $1,895, and U5-732 is $1,795. For more information, visit

Tidebreak's TeamSpot is designed as a digital infrastructure for physical environments where student teams work collaboratively while using digital resources. Students can co-create presentations and reports as a group in real time on a public display, and work in team study rooms, library group study areas, open computing labs, project-based learning classrooms, residence hall study spaces, or informal public meeting areas. TeamSpot can be used for faculty/administrative projects as well. Tidebreak licenses a single host for an annual fee of $4,500; discounted volume pricing plans are available. TeamSpot is sold per server, and the recommendation is one server per "spot," or area (such as a library or residence hall) with a large display where a single team works. The client software is free; there is no "per seat" fee. For more information, visit

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