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IN THE NEWS: Robert King, chancellor of the State University of New York, surprised and frustrated New York officials, including Gov. George Pataki, when he refused to quit his job. King had reportedly previously agreed to take a $170,000 buyout payment for a leave of absence, a move that would have allowed Pataki to execute a planned overhaul of the SUNY system. King changed his mind after critics denounced his sabbatical payment as extravagant, especially in light of his proposed $600 tuition increase. He has said he will stay on the job for six more months...


IN THE NEWS: Fred Gainous, president of Florida A&M University, will most likely leave his job at the end of the year. The trustees have voted 9-4 to not renew his contract, citing financial and administrative problems. Of course, the trustees can always change their minds, but several have said it would take a "miracle" to reverse their decision. According to press reports, Florida A&M has had a long history of wasteful business practices and faulty accounting systems that have not improved under Gainous' watch.


IN THE NEWS: Key presidential shakeups impacted two public university systems this summer. Peter Hoff, president of the University of Maine for seven years, resigned one week after Chancellor Joseph Westphal asked him to step down. Hoff's decision followed some months of disagreement over the strategic plan for the seven-campus system. He has been looking for other work and most recently was a finalist for the presidency at the University of Nebraska. J.B. Milliken was selected instead. Hoff is reportedly entitled to a one-year paid sabbatical and a nontenured professorship...