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IN THE NEWS: University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman is stepping down July 1, because she wants to end the "speculation" about her future and the future of CU. A new person will undoubtedly take the focus off Hoffman, but the image of CU as a scandal-plagued institution will undoubtedly continue for a time. The mix of sports scandals, alleged rapes, a student's drinking-related death, and the Ward Churchill 9/11-little Eichmann-free speech conundrum, formed a perfect storm over Hoffman. It will take time for the clouds to part.

IN THE NEWS: Robert King, chancellor of the State University of New York, surprised and frustrated New York officials, including Gov. George Pataki, when he refused to quit his job. King had reportedly previously agreed to take a $170,000 buyout payment for a leave of absence, a move that would have allowed Pataki to execute a planned overhaul of the SUNY system. King changed his mind after critics denounced his sabbatical payment as extravagant, especially in light of his proposed $600 tuition increase. He has said he will stay on the job for six more months...