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CONTROLLING YOUR WASTE STREAM IS A GREAT WAY TO GO GREEN on campus. Recycling paper and plastic products is a common way to keep material out of the local landfill, but many institutions are seeing benefits as well from collecting food scraps for compost.

Higher education institutions were implementing sustainability initiatives long before it became fashionable. As the economic downturn causes campus leaders to reassess all aspects of their budgets, green programs are being spared because they can lead to both financial and environmental savings.

THE CALL CAME IN AT 9:22 P.M. ON THURSDAY, APRIL 2, FROM THE Radford University (Va.) EMS team, an all-student, volunteer rescue squad, that there had been a fatal shooting just one block from campus. Dennie Templeton, who directs the school’s Office of Emergency Preparedness, remembers the time exactly, because within 15 minutes he had set up an emergency operations center (EOC) to interact with the outside responders who were fast arriving at the 9,500-student school.


June is the month for AV in higher education, as tradeshows such as EduComm and InfoComm?in Orlando this year?will provide administrators with the opportunity to try out the latest in vendor wares. Here is a sample of what they will find.