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Keeping students well fed can add significant revenue to an institution's bottom line. However, before food service can be the cash cow that everyone expects and desires it to be, experts say it must be operated as a business and not as a peripheral auxiliary service.

Is there a school in the land uninterested in finding new, additional dollars? Not in these tough times. Here, gleaned from institutions of higher ed all over the country, are good, solid, revenue-generating ideas that are not related to tuition management. Some are classics, beautifully executed, others are novel ideas truly worth noting, and some are so, well, obvious, you may shake your head and say, "Now why didn't we think of that?"

Fundraising/Money Management

Who would have thought that they'd be beating down the door to live in downtown Newark?" asks Steven Diner, provost of Rutgers University's Newark campus. "But they are."

If investor sentiment could be correlated to movie choices, As Good As It Gets would probably be the big hit among ordinary investors this year: a recovering stock market, climbing home values, low interest rates--what's not to like?