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Christopher Revord, Founder and CEO, YouBthere

What are some of your current observations about hybrid learning programs?

Seven years ago, Western Kentucky University said goodbye to its time-consuming, paper-based way of issuing financial aid refunds and said hello to BankMobile, an electronic disbursement service that has led to major savings.

The leadership of Dickinson College understands the importance of predictive analytics to help shape their class. But they also know that models can get stale, and will improve only when they are transparent and institutional departments collaborate during the model building and enrollment process. 

While students have a variety of options when it comes to paying for college, making unwise financial decisions can lead to negative consequences for the student as well as the institution. Overborrowing, poor planning and budgeting, and misunderstanding financial aid can create seemingly insurmountable debt that can affect academic performance, push students to leave school before completion, and burden them long after graduation.

Institutions today are being asked to do more and more with less and less. That might make sense from a business standpoint as it makes them more profitable, but it risks burning out and stressing out employees. 

This web seminar described the value a campus card transaction system deployed through SaaS can bring to an existing card program, how it can help extend the reach and capability of the card office, and how a SaaS-deployed system can redirect the efforts of the card office team so they can focus on what matters most.

Higher education is in the midst of significant change. Institutions are under pressure to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of operations while providing responsive, quality services to students. Many college and university leaders are turning to transformative technologies such as electronic forms, workflow automation and enterprise content management (ECM) to help them overcome these challenges.

In recent years, the requirements of public higher education institutions have changed drastically, increasing the pressure to modernize their IT systems. To meet those challenges, many universities are looking at available options, including the cloud.

Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO, Panopto

What are you seeing as the biggest trends in higher ed video?

In this web seminar, attendees learned how The Duck Store at the University of Oregon has transformed the shopping experience. By implementing a unified commerce platform—complete with in-store and e-commerce functionality on the front end and real-time inventory visibility, order management, CRM, business intelligence, warehouse management, marketing and financials to support it—The Duck Store now has the tools in place to efficiently manage the complexities of their multiple retail locations.

David Homyak

Donna Salak knew the financial aid office at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, was not using its Banner student information system to full capacity.