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Many people have long seen community colleges as bridges to opportunity. But four-year colleges and universities haven't always gotten the drift.


New FCC regulations give the feds

access to internet, phone services

Miami Dade College (Fla.) perfectly illustrates the tensions between undocumented immigrants and tuition. The community college serves more than 160,000 students in a city replete with immigrants. Its motto is "opportunity changes everything."

Congress cancels vote on budget cut package

A controversial GOP plan to cut funding to student aid programs was stalled in November by a combination of public outrage and lack of congressional support.

In the wake of a disaster like Hurricane Katrina, who is responsible for paying tuition? Should institutions charge the enrolled students displaced by the storm? And should those schools remit tuition dollars to damaged schools?

A handful of IHEs are addressing the needs of their students with alcohol or drug addictions through the development of "recovery dorms."