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Beyond the News


ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEIR CAMPUS SUSTAINED heavy damage from a February 5 tornado, officials at <b>Union University</b> in Jackson, Tenn., began a strategy for assessment, recovery, and rebuilding.


<b>EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY</b> has been fined $357,500 by the U.S. Department of Education for failing to comply with the federal Jeanne Clery Act. It's the largest fine ever imposed.


IT IS A MOMENT THAT EVERY IT director dreads. The system goes down and data is lost. Usually the data can be recovered from archived files-unless those archives are also corrupt.


The importance of media relations

BEING THE DEFENDANT IN A lawsuit is bad enough. Having a plaintiff with an active public relations campaign can become a nightmare. Administrators at Princeton University have been dealing with this situation since 2002.


SOME SEE THE ANNUAL U.S. NEWS & World Report rankings as a necessary evil. Students and parents are naturally attracted to those schools that make the top of the list, so schools do what they can to boost their rank. But as educators have argued for years, the rankings have little value in the real world. A few have already stopped participating in the annual survey. Reed College (Ore.) stopped playing the rankings game 12 years ago, and continues to receive top quality applicants.