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vibeffect Launches Digital Assessment Tool To Predict Student Thriving

vibePrimer delivers qualitative results to inform college decision-making process

Washington, D.C. (August 5, 2015) – vibeffect announces the launch of vibePrimer, a digital assessment product that predicts features of a college environment where a student is most likely to thrive. This proven predictive model offers families a better decision-making framework to help students succeed academically, socially and personally and ultimately graduate.

Based on years of scientific research, vibePrimer draws correlations from a predictive algorithm between an individual’s personal traits/life experiences and specific campus features of their ideal campus ecosystem, Students answer survey questions in four sections and receive instant qualitative analysis about their advantages and campus features that together, increase their likelihood to thrive and graduate. These sections include academic, social, family and culture and financial themes. The assessment is accessible to students and their parents via any device including smart phones.

vibePrimer takes what we’ve learned from real students at real campuses and applies it to students with the same hard-wired traits,” said Elena Cox, CEO of vibeffect. “Our goal is to arm the student and their family with proven data and information that frames their college decision based on more than just a gut feeling or a competition around college brands.”

Each year vibeffect measures thriving in campuses nationwide and collects data to identify qualitative factors that affect student thriving. Results are shared in the annual College Optimizer Index, which serves as the foundation for the company’s scientific approach to identifying ideal campus features by personal traits. A summary of the research published by Decision Analytics is available here.

“Although students and their families are the focus of our college system, in practice they are not invited inside the ‘walls’ to see and hear what they need to better understand how to set themselves up for success,” Cox said. “vibePrimer empowers families with greater transparency to make the best decision for their higher education investment, and to know their child will be in an environment where they will thrive.”

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About vibeffect
vibeffect is a college-decision framework that uses predictive analytics to deliver unbiased, data-driven results that help families make confident investments in higher education. The system’s purpose is to ensure families base their college decision on their child’s strengths and the best college ecosystem for their academic, social and individual thriving.  For more information, visit 

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