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Tobii Dynavox Launches New Software for Teaching Non-Verbal Students How to Read

Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™) reading program created in conjunction with Penn State researchers

PITTSBURGH (Oct. 7, 2015) – 90% of students in America with complex communication needs enter adulthood without acquiring functional literacy skills.* This overwhelming majority is at a distinct disadvantage considering that literacy is linked to successful transition to independent living and employment. To address this issue, Tobii Dynavox has created a new software version of their popular Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™) reading program. This evidence-based reading program is designed specifically to teach those individuals who require AAC and have complex communication needs and physical access challenges, to learn how to read.

“To have 90% of the population that we serve, be illiterate is a staggering statistic that demands change,” says Fredrik Ruben, President of Tobii Dynavox. “With the introduction of the Tobii Dynavox ALL software we are proud to say that we’ve developed a highly effective solution to bring literacy to non-verbal students.”

Available as an app for use on the iPad, Windows operating systems, and Tobii Dynavox communication devices (including the T-Series and I-Series+), the ALL software edition gives teachers and parents a straightforward way to deliver proven literacy instruction. Developed in conjunction with researchers at Penn State University (Dr. Janice Light, Ph.D. and Dr. David McNaughton, Ph.D.), the robust program provides systematic instruction in seven different reading skills, while encouraging shared reading through an included library of engaging books. Tobii Dynavox ALL continuously tracks student progress and includes periodic skill review sessions, so teacher and parents always know where the student is in the process. Most importantly, the software enables students to bypass oral responses at all stages of instruction, allowing non-verbal students access to reading instruction.

“With the software version of the Tobii Dynavox ALL, we’re able to make literacy instruction more accessible, enabling everyone to help teach children with disabilities how to read – including teachers, aides and parents,” said Ruben. “Literacy is a critical, foundational skill that students carry with them for the rest of their life, and now we’re bridging the gap to provide these crucial skills to a population that has traditionally been under-served.”

The ALL reading program also fulfills U.S. common Individualized Education Program (IEP) literacy goals and compliments existing literacy curriculum so that educators can get more literacy instruction accomplished in the same amount of time. Access methods such as direct selection, switch scanning, and even eyegaze (Windows only), are built into the software, making it useful to a broad range of students.

The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) software is available for $79.99 for:
• Windows® through
• iPad ® through
• T-Series AAC Devices through
• I-Series AAC Devices through

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* Foley, B. & Wolter, J.A. (2010). Literacy intervention for transition-aged youth: What is and what could be. Language, Literacy, and AAC Issues for Transition- Age Youth.

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