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Texas A&M University Expands Laserfiche ECM to 520,000 Users

The Texas A&M University System, one of the largest systems of higher education in the United States, has expanded its Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) shared service, extending Laserfiche licenses to 520,000 university staff, faculty and students.

“Laserfiche and the Texas A&M University System share a commitment to empowering individuals to drive efficiency,” said Hedy Belttary, Senior Vice President of Sales at Laserfiche. “This is the natural evolution of a longtime partnership which has resulted in a very successful ECM shared service.”

The A&M System, which comprises a network of 11 university campuses, seven state agencies, a comprehensive health science center and a school of law, has used Laserfiche since 2005. By 2009, the A&M System had multiple ECM implementations, including homegrown solutions, several different vendor products, and even separate implementations of the same product. In 2010, the Campus Document Management Committee selected Laserfiche as its enterprise standard and implemented it as a shared service. 

“We implemented Laserfiche at the university level, but it has always been my vision for every employee and student in The Texas A&M University System to have a Laserfiche license,” said Pete Marchbanks Jr., Executive Director at Texas A&M University Information Technology. “Adopting an approach to scaling ECM in an organization this size is not a simple undertaking. Working with Laserfiche, we have been able to accelerate implementation by standardizing where it makes sense, but remaining flexible where it counts at the department level.”

With this expansion to the shared service licensing model, A&M System members can:

  • Continue to use the existing shared service
  • Manage their own Laserfiche implementations
  • Implement one or more shared system-wide solutions including contract management and mainframe output report management
  • Take a hybrid approach, implementing shared solutions alongside individually managed systems

“By providing this feature-rich Laserfiche implementation at an affordable price point, Texas A&M is able to make available economies of scale and document sharing that individual schools and departments could not approach by themselves. This is value delivery at its best,” said Judith Lewis, Senior Information Technology Manager, who spearheaded the development and deployment of the A&M System Laserfiche shared service.

Laserfiche ECM automates a variety of processes, including human resources, records management, contract management and accounts payable, among others. Visit to explore its flexible deployment models, request demonstrations of these processes and more.

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