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Take an Inside Look: Campus Museums and Galleries

University Business editors are seeking nominations for inclusion in the feature “Inside Look: Campus Museums and Galleries,” to be published in print and online in March 2018. Our “Inside Look” features take you inside the most innovative and eye-appealing spaces within college and university facilities.

To nominate the interior of a recently built or renovated museum or gallery space on your campus, fill out the below form (available by November 17). Be prepared to highlight trends in campus museum and gallery space design are reflected in the nomination, as well as to include the names and locations of any outside firms whose work contributed to the interior of the facility shown in the images being submitted (architectural or interior design firm, equipment providers, furniture companies, etc.).

Selections will be made based on how the space reflects current and emerging trends in design and use of campus museums; how the space highlights the mission, values, history and traditions of the institution; and visual appeal. Examples of trends may be having a great hall or other event space, having a highly designed space with artistic details, having flexible gallery space, technology investment (as part of exhibits, for donor recognition, or for events), or having an on-site restaurant or retail space.

Consider sending one image that hones in on a particular feature that highlights an innovation or trend. Note that we generally do not include exterior images, as this series focuses on interiors.

Any questions can be directed to Steven Wyman-Blackburn at

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Inside Look: Campus Museums and Galleries
Submission Deadline: Friday, December 15, 2017
Publication: March 2018, in print and online (some selected images may appear online only)