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Hitachi OneVision Program Advances Classroom Technology at Oakton Community College

DES PLAINES, Illinois- With over 2,500 courses offered, Oakton Community College is committed to providing its students a learning environment where creativity can thrive. That’s why John Curtis, Manager of Media Services, is continually working to ensure that the technology in the college’s 200 smart classrooms is up-to-date and provides all the features that students need for optimal learning. With the help of Hitachi’s OneVision program for higher education facilities, Curtis and his team have created standardized classrooms that integrate so seamlessly, students and professors hardly notice the technology that’s at work.

Oakton Community College has over 10,000 students enrolled at its two locations in Illinois. The smart classrooms have a standardized design built so faculty members can have a strong idea of how the technology works in each room. The conference rooms also have projectors with various AV setups depending on room size. Larger conference rooms have projectors, and the smaller rooms have mounted monitors connected directly to computers. Curtis and his team have standardized all the projectors at both locations on Hitachi.

“Over the years, we’ve gone through several brands and conducted side-by-side comparisons,” says Curtis. “Hitachi is the most consistent, and the projectors are incredibly solid. We know our projectors have a six- to seven-year life cycle, so we purchase a set amount each year to know exactly what our budget will be. The OneVision program helps us keep the budget, while still allowing us to upgrade to the newest models.”

Hitachi’s OneVision program for higher education focuses on the needs of higher education facilities and provides educators with specialized pricing, program rewards, enhanced services and direct access to Hitachi experts.

“The OneVision program has really benefited our Media Services team and helped us stay on budget,” says Curtis. “We’re planning on purchasing new projectors anyway, and with this program we get free lamps and free projectors and a longer warranty than we would have otherwise received. There is no reason not to participate in the program. Sometimes we have people come to the school to sell us different types of projectors and usually their faces drop when they hear we are a part of the OneVision program.”

Curtis and his team have used the OneVision program to advance the Media Services department and work to achieve their mission as part of the IT department.

“One of our mission statements as part of the IT department is to provide seamless integration,” says Curtis. “We do a lot of polling, and, quite frankly, at this point a projector is such an expectation that we don’t get a lot of comments on it. From my perspective that’s a compliment.”

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