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Default Prevention Outreach

This program provides student borrowers with one-on-one counseling to help them resolve their delinquency and get back on track for repayment. Services are provided until all accounts are either resolved or the account is defaulted. Inceptia also helps schools determine which accounts to focus on, and only works accounts that will have an impact on open cohort years, unless requested otherwise.

Reader Testimony: 
“As a large public institution, we do not have the staff available to reach out to students who are delinquent on their federal loans. Inceptia is able to reach these students during the day, evening or weekend, and counsel them effectively about the deferment, repayment and forbearance options available. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of delinquencies of our students in repayment.” —Aileen Morrissey, director, financial aid services, Daytona State College, Fla.
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