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Colleges and Universities Turn to SkillSurvey to Improve Hiring

Detailed reference feedback provided for more than 42,000 candidates for positions such as faculty, advisors, deans, IT, and staff roles

Berwyn, PA – April 27, 2016 – SkillSurvey, Inc., the provider of cloud-based reference checking and credentialing solutions that deliver reliable insights, announced that it has doubled its higher education client base in the last two years with a range of institutions that includes more than half of the Ivy Leagues and a growing roster of community and technical colleges, online institutions and state universities.
In the past two years, more than 42,000 job candidates were reference checked through SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360® providing institutions with detailed feedback from an average of 4 references per candidate.
“Colleges and universities are challenged with finding great candidates who support a diverse environment, master the growing use of technology in learning, and have the potential to be future leaders. We’re proud to be helping more organizations in higher education meet today’s hiring challenges to identify great educators, administrators and staff members,” said Ray Bixler, president and CEO of SkillSurvey.
SkillSurvey began to increase its focus on higher education in 2014, bringing on board its higher education industry specialist, Jann Gillingham, who has led business development efforts and participation in industry forums. The analytics team has also continued to expand survey offerings to include more college and university job roles.

SkillSurvey is the leader in online reference checking and credentialing, providing immediately useful insights to help employers make better hiring decisions. SkillSurvey speeds hiring for commercial, higher education, healthcare, and staffing and recruiting organizations. Its cloud-based referencing and credentialing solutions answer vital questions that help organizations hire the right people for every role.
Pre-Hire 360® provides insight into future job performance and is proven to predict involuntary turnover. An unmatched library of scientifically-designed surveys produces job-specific data employers can trust. SkillSurvey Credential OnDemandTM provides healthcare organizations with streamlined digital credentialing that simplifies and enhances the credentialing experience for all participants. SkillSurvey makes the referencing and credentialing process more efficient and effective — helping employers save time and money, grow revenues, and bring employees onboard faster.

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